Care Guide for Leather Bags

We all know that leather products are beloved by both men and women for its durability and versatility in fashion. Leather could breathe and would age as time goes by just like human. But neither two people nor two piece of leather will age the same. Every scratch, every fold or mark will show in the patina that distinguishes it from the others.


All products made from leather, like GRM Leather Tote Bag and GRM Leather Hobo Bag, will age with time.
However, with proper care and maintenance, your leather bag will last longer and look better with beautiful patina through wear and use.


What happens to your leather bag with time?

It becomes hard and rigid as a result of losing moisture and oils. The leather fibers could break for lack of flexibility. And the more you use it, the faster this will happen.


How to care for it?

That’s simple: moisturizing. Just like out skin which needs moisturizing every day, the leather is the same. Dab a dollop of sunflower oil, vegetable oil or leather conditioner on a dry, clean sponge or cloth, and gently rub all over the bag. Dry thoroughly in an airy place.



  • If you have doubts on the oil or conditioner, do spot testing before you apply it on the leather bag. Dab a small amount to a spot that’s not visible and leave it for 24 hours. If it does not change the color or texture of the leather, then apply it to the rest of the bag.
  • Condition at least once a month to keep its shine.


How to store it?

  • When your leather bag is not in use, fill it with butter paper instead of newspaper which will smear to maintain its shape, and place it in its original dustbag. If you don’t have a dustbag, store it in your closet to avoid damp and dust.
  • To avoid mold, air it at least once every two weeks.
  • If you use it every day, it will wear out quickly. So switch bag every few days.



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